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Croydon's new Emergency Department - what will it mean for Children and Young People?

“I’m Sarah McLaggan, and I’m the paediatric matron for Croydon University Hospital’s paediatric emergency department. I’m really excited that we’ll be having a new paediatric ED and I know it will benefit the children of Croydon.

“It will have an outside play area and an interactive play area within the department for children waiting to be treated. We will also have a new interactive treatment area, which will be of special benefit to children with learning difficulties and sensory impairment.

“We’re also planning an adolescent area for our new ED, specifically for children aged 12 to 18 that will incorporate their particular needs. This will also mean that the younger children in the department will be treated separately, allowing more specific care for each age group.

“We will be moving our department on the 8th of November into our new temporary home for the duration of the new build. This means that children will come into the department through a different entrance but will be looked after by the same staff from paediatric ED. The care will be the same as it was in the old department, with no changes to the way in which children are looked after. They will get the same high level of quality care that they are used to in Croydon.”

From 8 November, the entrance to the Emergency Department and Urgent Care Centre at Croydon University Hospital moves to Woodcroft Road.

We are building a bigger and better Emergency Department for when you need us.

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