The service assesses patients with a variety of foot problems or those who present with a medical need, such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, that put their feet at risk of developing further complications.

You can find out more about this service including information on how to refer.

Service overview 

Podiatrists routinely treat pathologic nails, corns & calluses, foot ulcers, in-growing toenails, provide foot orthoses and advice on exercises. 

Main site Leander Road Care Centre, with community clinics throughout Croydon in CUH, PWMH, Parkway, Sanderstead, Shirley, Thornton Heath, Woodside and Waddon.

Podiatry assessment clinics are held at the Leander Road Primary Care Centre, Purley War Memorial Hospital or Croydon University Hospital.

The services we offer are:

  • Nail assessment and nail surgery for the removal under Local Anaesthesia of onychocryptosis / ingrown toenail (requiring a GP referral).
  • Biomechanics is the scientific study of the movement and forces acting on the living body.
    In podiatry we use an understanding of biomechanics and musculoskeletal medicine to treat pain and pathologies in the lower limb and foot. An abnormal stance and gait (walking pattern) can be the cause of recurrent postural problems which commonly include back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain.
  • High Risk Foot / Ulcer clinics.
  • Learning Disability – we have a dedicated podiatrist who treats people with a learning disability who need podiatry, mainly in their own homes.
  • Mental Health – we provide a service to people with mental health problems at Bethlam and Maudsley Hospital, or in their residential home.
  • Domiciliary Service, for patients who are housebound, and a service to residential care and nursing homes.

We treat

Children and adults registered with a Croydon GP and/or who are resident in Croydon with foot pathologies.

Those requiring routine podiatry must meet the medical need access criteria detailed on the referral. (Diabetes, immune system disorder, CVA, PVD, COPD, RhA, anticoagulant therapy (other than aspirin), acute cancer treatment)

Referrals for Nail Surgery and Biomechanics do not have to meet the access criteria detailed for routine assessment/treatment.

Referral criteria

Nail Surgery  - children / adults with onychocryptosis / ingrowing nail – not fungal infection

Biomechanics – children / adults with mechanical foot leg pain/pathology

Routine – Diabetes, immune system disorder, CVA, PVD, COPD, RhA, anticoagulant therapy (other than aspirin), acute cancer treatment 

How to refer

Email: ch-tr.podiatryadmin@nhs.net

Telephone: 020 8274 6820

Contact information 

Sharon Lewis – Podiatry Service Administrator   020 8274 6820

Christopher Swarbrick – Podiatry Team Lead MSK/Biomechanics

Sandra Norton – Podiatry Team Lead Nail Surgery

Pradeep Solanki – Podiatry Team Lead Diabetes



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