Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000

Pharmacy and medicines management


The pharmacy department provides and supervises the use of all medicines prescribed within the organisation, and this is known as medicines management.

Medicines management is delivered by a dedicated and multi-skilled team to a full range of services within Croydon University Hospital.  It includes dispensing medicines to inpatients, outpatients and those being discharged.

The team of expert pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work closely with clinicians prescribing medicines and other clinicians involved in a patient’s care. 

Integrated collaboration between departments ensures patients receive the safest and most effective medicines for their care.

Prescribed medication for all inpatients on hospital wards is reviewed Monday to Friday.  Patients are checked for contraindications (including allergies) and potentially harmful interactions between different medicines.

Technical services are responsible for the production of all aseptically prepared medicines or cytotoxic agents for parenteral administration in a ‘ready to use’ form and parenteral nutrition infusion bags for adults, children and babies.

GP advice service

A GP advice line is available for any queries regarding a patient's discharge prescription or outpatient prescription. 

This dedicated information line is open between 2pm to 4pm, alternatively contact the pharmacy team via email.


GP advice line: 020 8401 3059



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