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Safe Staffing Levels

From May 2014, all hospitals in England are required to publish information about the number of nursing and midwifery staff working on each ward, together with the percentage of shifts meeting safe staffing guidelines.

This means that if you are a member of staff, patient or relative, you will be able to examine the staffing history of a ward. It is the same data that is seen by hospital Boards, commissioners and regulators. It will establish the NHS as a global leader in openness and transparency and is a major breakthrough in the level of information we have about our local services.

This initiative is part of the NHS response to the Francis report which called for greater openness and transparency in the health service.

Croydon Health Services has a very clear system in place, with nursing and midwifery clinical leaders across the trust visiting clinical areas at least daily to ensure safe staffing. There is also a process for quickly escalating any areas of concerns to the Director of Nursing. The acuity/dependency of patients (how sick or dependent they are) ultimately affects the type and amount of care patients need.  We will therefore ‘flex’ the number care staff needed, depending on our patients’ needs, to make sure we have the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place.

Information about staffing levels will be published monthly. Full details will also be reported to public meetings of our Board of Directors.

Download information about our staffing levels

Information about nursing and midwifery staffing levels for our wards and community services are published below. 

The data shows what the average nurse, midwife and care staffing level was in all wards at Croydon University Hospital over a month compared with the planned level. It will be broken down by hours over each day and night.

The ‘planned’ level is the level agreed by the Board, based on what evidence shows is the typical staffing level requirements for each ward.

Where wards are over 100% it means that their actual staffing was on average, higher than their planned level.

We always plan for the actual staffing levels to be close to the planned levels. Sometimes they are higher due to patient needs. This data is only one element we consider to ensure that our wards have appropriate and safe staffing levels. Other elements we take into account are key aspects like the type and size of ward, the acuity of patients and the ward team and their experience and expertise.

Over time and alongside other information, this data can be used to provide a more holistic view of our services to allow greater scrutiny of services and – most importantly - drive improvement.

Staffing Data


Daily Staffing Record January 2016


Daily Staffing Record December 2015

Daily Staffing Record November 2015

Daily Staffing Record October 2015

Daily Staffing Record September 2015

Daily Staffing Record August 2015

Daily Staffing Record July 2015

Daily Staffing Record June 2015

Daily Staffing Record May 2015

Daily Staffing Record April 2015

Daily Staffing Record March 2015

Daily Staffing Record February 2015

Daily Staffing Record January 2015


Daily Staffing Record December 2014 

Daily Staffing Record November 2014 

Daily Staffing Record October 2014 

Daily Staffing Record September 2014 

Daily Staffing Record August 2014 

Daily Staffing Record July 2014 

Daily Staffing Record June 2014 

Daily Staffing Record May 2014 

Board Papers

November 2013 Quality Report - It provides a six monthly review of staffing levels

June 2014 Quality Report - It includes daily staffing review sheet






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