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LiA Pulse Check

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The LiA pulse check is a Trust-wide staff survey which we undertake at regular intervals to measure how satisfied and involved staff at the Trust feel.


Since adopting LiA we have done three pulse checks, the most recent in December 2014. The results indicated an overall rise in staff satisfaction and engagement with improved results on all questions when compared with the previous pulse check in August 2013.


In 9 out of the 15 pulse check questions, staff who had been involved in LiA projects responded more positively than staff Trust-wide demonstrating that putting staff at the centre of change using the LiA way of working makes staff feel more engaged and positive about where they work.


The last pulse check showed that staff increasingly feel that:

  • Organisational culture encourages them to contribute to changes affecting their team
  • Managers and leaders seek their views about how to improve services
  • That we are providing high quality care to our patients
  • They feel valued for their contribution and the work they do
  • That communication between senior management and staff is effective.


The LiA pulse check results show that positive improvements have been made in how engaged and satisfied staff feel working at Croydon Health Services, but we recognise that there is still more work to be done.


To read the full LiA pulse check report, please click here.



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