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It's getting better

One of our promises is that you feel it's getting better. On this page you will find examples of things the Trust has done to improve the patient experience.

Preparing patients for surgery

Knowing you have to come into hospital for an operation is an anxious time. Attending a pre-operative clinic for checks and a chance to ask questions is just one way we help people prepare, but for some patients we can go a step further – by offering a pre-operative class.
Two years ago the Trust piloted the scheme for men waiting to have transurethral prostate surgery (TURP).
Numerous studies show giving pre-operative advice reduces patients’ length of stay and post-operative pain and the classes were started in response to concerns expressed by patients about a lack of this important information.
The classes are held every month in the Lancaster Suite and are run by an experienced continence advisor. Feedback has been universally positive and here have been no complaints about the service since the classes began
There’s also been a significant reduction in patients being readmitted to the Trust with post operative complications associated with prostate surgery.

As a result of this success the Trust introduced the same idea for two other types of surgery – spinal and colorectal. These began in March 2010 and have shown similar success.

And the success is even more real when patients themselves share their views:

‘Very informative, great initiative’

‘Useful to be told what to expect after the operation in a relaxed atmosphere’

‘All the information was brilliant and explained very clearly’
‘Gave me more information than I was given by the Consultant’

The Trust is now looking to expand the classes to other areas.


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