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Consultant Treatment Outcomes

Publication of consultant treatment outcomes

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is committed to making more information available about how services and professionals are performing.

On NHS Choices you’ll find links to information about individual consultants in a number of clinical areas. You can look at their results for a range of operations and treatments.

The data show where the clinical outcomes for each consultant sit against the national average. Where results differ significantly from the national average, there may well be good reason and you can discuss this with your GP and/or surgeon.

The information available for each type of treatment varies, but in all cases you can see how many times each consultant has performed a particular procedure. You may wish to discuss the data with your GP before choosing where to be treated, or with your consultant before your operation.

The data can be found by following the link below for the NHS Choices website for more details.

Due to data protection legislation, consultants had to agree to have results from their operations published and around 98% have. Results that are not published are still analysed and acted upon as necessary by the NHS. 


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