Visitors Guide


We've put together this guide to help anyone visiting a patient at Croydon University Hospital.

A summary of some of the key information is here - you can find more details on other pages.


Flowers will be preferably limited to arrangements, with one arrangement per patient to assist in keeping the patient areas clean. Some areas have a "no flowers" policy so please read the flowers section below on this page.


Refreshments are not routinely provided to visitors on the wards but there are plenty of outkets in the main foyer and in the restaurant on the first floorr where refreshemnts can be bought.

Clinical procedures or ward rounds

Only visitors or carers requested by the patient may remain present for clinical procedures or ward rounds 

Perishable food and drink

Please let staff know if you bring in any perishable food or drink. This is to ensure it meets the patients care plan requirements/medical directions. Food brought in to the hospital cannot be stored or heated/ re heated in the ward kitchen.

Personal Property

Whilst we are caring for people we are not able to provide a general property management service. We will not accept liability for loss and damage to any property and belongings unless they have been handed over for safe keeping to our staff and a receipt has been issued to you or your relative.

We strongly advise that people think carefully about what property they bring into hospital. Valuable property which we do hold on your behalf will not be immediately accessible.

It would be advisable to take home valuable or sentimental property for patients, rather than keep them at the hospital. Any retained property will be kept for only three months before being disposed of.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be used in most areas of our hospitals – please look out for signs which indicate where mobile phones and other electronic devices are restricted. If you are unsure, please check with staff to see if you can use mobile phones in the ward or area you are in.

Mobile phones can be a nuisance to other patients, visitors or staff, we ask you to please switch your phone to ‘silent’ while in clinical areas wherever possible and to hold any mobile phone conversations away from sleeping patients or treatment areas.

Where patients or visitors are using devices to watch or listen to recordings, please use earphones at all times. We request that use be limited to avoid disturbing other patients. Mobile phone chargers must be tested by the Facilities Department before being used.

Filming and photography

We understand that mobile phones and other devices are essential to maintain communication with friends, family and loved ones. Please remember that patients and visitors are responsible and personally liable for their actions and we ask that if patients or visitors wish to take photographs during their stay for any reason, care and consideration for the privacy and dignity of other patients, visitors and staff should be given at all times.

Photographs and recordings made on the hospital site should not capture other patients, visitors or staff, unless you have their explicit consent. If a member of staff has reason to believe that inappropriate images or recordings have been made without explicit consent of those involved, we may ask to check your devices and ask you to delete images or social media posts. Refusal to do so may result in further action being taken.

Please remember that any comments or social media posts which are discriminatory, racist or defamatory in nature will be reported to the police for investigation.

For obvious reasons we restrict filming and photography on our children's ward - please ask the ward staff for advice.

Patients and visitors using the Trust’s wi-fi service must conform to the terms and conditions of use.


Car parking

We have about 400 car parking spaces at Croydon University Hospital, with several car parks for patients and visitors, and others set aside for staff.

Fifteen designated spaces are free and only for drivers or passengers with a disability who display a valid Blue Badge. If the 15 spaces are in use, Blue Badge holders can use other spaces for free.

Parking on yellow lines is not permitted.

There are drop-off zones near the main entrance, maternity, the Woodcroft Road entrance and day surgery. These offer free parking for 10 minutes.

All other car parking is charged at the following rates. These charges are in line with neighbouring NHS Trusts:

0-1 hour       £3.00
1-2 hours     £4.80
2-3 hours     £6.50
3-4 hours     £8.00
4-5 hours    £10.00
5-24 hours  £12.00

Our parking machines accept debit/credit card payments or small change and will require you to enter your car registration number.

If you are visiting someone who is seriously ill and likely to be in hospital for a long time, please speak to the nurse in charge of the ward who can make arrangements for you to obtain a weekly permit at a cost of £10.

Special permits are also available for families of children attending the Dolphin Unit and birth partners of women in labour.

There are separate arrangements handled on a case by case basis for people with long term conditions such as cancer and those who are delayed due to clinic overruns. Please enquire.

Revenue generated from parking charges is used to pay for car park maintenance, management of the service and travel plan initiatives. All profits are reinvested into clinical services.

We use security guards and CCTV cameras, and were awarded a Safer Parking Award by British Parking Association in 2016.

Visiting times

Most wards allow visiting between the hours of 2pm and 5pm and again between 6pm and 8pm, but please ask the ward sister or charge nurse if you want visitors at other times and we will try to arrange it as long as it does not interfere with your care of the care of others in the ward.
All our wards offer a “protected mealtimes” system where disruptions and distractions during the main mealtimes are kept to a minimum to allow patients time to eat undisturbed. If you are visiting a friend or relative during mealtimes you will be asked to either help them with their meal or, if you are unable to do this, to leave the ward until the meal is over.
We know that having visitors can help someone’s recovery but we also need to respect the privacy and dignity of all our patients. Unless there are special circumstances we ask that you keep to just two visitors per patient at any one time please. 
Noise levels should be kept to a minimum, to enable all patients and visitors to enjoy their time together and also to allow other patients to rest. 
Please do not sit on beds as this can lead to cross infection.
Parents and guardians, please remember it is your responsibility to supervise your children at all times. Do not allow them to run around.


Flowers are welcome on most of our wards as long as they are in oasis (foam) or any other small sealed arrangement. Small potted plants are also welcome.

No cut flowers in vases are allowed at the bedside as they could be spilled onto beds, patients, staff or medical equipment. There is also a very slight risk of infection from organisms which grow in water if it is left too long.

On a very few wards, for the safety and comfort of the patients, no flowers are allowed at all. These wards are:

  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Cardiac Care Unit
  • High Dependency Unit
  • Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
  • Accident & Emergency (A&E)
  • Heathfield 2

On these wards the bedside space is needed for equipment and staff access and  Heathfield 2 is the ward where people with chest problems are treated and their condition may be made worse by pollen or other plant matter.

Shops and restaurants

The hospital main entrance has a shopping area which includes a Marks and Spencer, Costa coffee, Lloyds Pharmacy, food outlets, clothes shop and a florist which sells a range of flowers that may be taken to the wards as detailed above.
On the first floor you will find Oasis restaurant with a wide selection of hot and cold food and drink .

Opening hours

Weekdays – 7.30am – 8.00pm
Weekends – 7.30am – 6.00pm
Hot food served:

Breakfast – 7.30am -10.00am
Lunch – 12.00pm -3.00pm
Dinner – 5.00pm – 7.00pm (6.00pm on weekends)

Any questions?

Wi-Fi Access


For more information visit free wifi page



Other useful information

Hand gel

The hand gel is provided for everyone to use. Please use the gel on entering and leaving the ward. Children should only use the gel under supervision of their parents or guardian. 


Commercial visitors

We welcome visitors from companies and commercial concerns but for the safety and confidentiality of our patients and staff you must be issued with a visitor's badge and be escorted by a member of our staff at all times.
If you are a Medical Device sales representatives please contact the Procurement team to make an appointment. Telephone 020 8401 3561, 3532, 3537, 3820 or 3535
Representatives of the media should make arrangements via the Communications team on 020 8401 3627 or 3959.

Any questions?

When you visit the ward you will find more information on noticeboards and in a folder beside every bed. If you have any more questions please ask any member of staff on the ward. 

Help for non English speakers

We can arrange face to face interpreters for any one who needs this service. If the person you are visiting has language or literacy problems please let a member of staff know so arrangements can be made.

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