Our Remembrance book

The oak cabinet beside the altar contains a Book of Remembrance which recalls the names of babies and children who have died.

The Book is turned daily to display the correct date. If, however, you wish to see a special date, keys are kept in the chaplaincy office and with the Hospital Security.

If you would like your baby’s name to be recorded in the Book of Remembrance please contact us. We will need the following information:

  • The name to be entered
  • The date of the entry
  • Your name and contact details
  • Your relationship to the deceased

Our calligrapher usually enters new names 3 times a year, before our Butterfly Services in May and September and just before Christmas.

The Butterfly Service

Two special services of remembering and thanksgiving are held in the chapel each year on a Sunday afternoon in May and September.

Sunday 28th May at 3pm and Sunday 24th September at 3pm.

The service provides an opportunity for parents to remember the children they have loved who have died. In music, song and prayer, in the lighting of candles and the roll call of names the memory of each child is celebrated. All are welcome no matter how recent, or how long ago, your loss.

Free parking will be available in ‘Chapel Lane’ behind the Chapel.

To find out more or to request that your child's name be included in the roll call please contact the Chaplain on 020 8401 3105.

The Christmas Tree of Memory & Hope

Each year a small tree, decorated is silver and white, is set up by the Book of Remembrance. Stars are available for parents visiting the chapel to write their child’s name on a star and place it on the tree. This year the tree will be in chapel from the afternoon of 9th December.


Our flower arranger can arrange flowers on a pedestal near the Book of Remembrance for your child’s anniversary – contact us on 020 8401 3105 to arrange this. You are also most welcome to bring your own flowers to place in chapel.

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