Clean and Safe


We promise the people of Croydon we will do all we can to ensure you feel in safe hands with highly professional staff who work well together in clean clinics and hospitals.

The prevention and control of infection on our wards and in clinics is our highest priority and a vital part of high quality care. 



Key Achievements

  • 80% reduction in hospital and community MRSA blood stream infections over the past 5 years.
  • 85% reduction in hospital acquired Clostridium difficile infections in the past 4 years.
 Please note our annual figures for MRSA and C.difficile >>                
We have made significant reductions in the rates of MRSA and Clostridium difficile and we follow national guidance on MRSA screening and use of appropriate antibiotics.

We also monitor other infections including extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) and Glycopeptide resistant Enterococci (GRE)
Our Infection Control team is there to help with advice on infections and how to prevent them but infection control is everyone’s business. Visit our infection control pages for more information.

Screening for MRSA – declaration of compliance

In accordance with Department of Health guidelines Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has reviewed its policy for the Prevention and Control of MRSA  and can confirm that the screening process of patients admitted to Croydon University Hospital is compliant with this guidance.

The Trust now screens for MRSA in patients who are due to come in for surgery (elective admissions) and those admitted as emergencies as soon as the latter are admitted (emergency admission screening).
This means that the Trust is fully compliant with the Department of Health requirements for screening elective admissions by April 2009 and for screening emergency admissions by December 2010.
If you have any questions about our policy or about wider arrangements in the Trust for the prevention and control of infection please ask the doctor or nurse providing your care.

Hygiene Code and PEAT/PLACE Assessment

An on-site inspection by the Care Quality Commission has found no breach of the Hygiene Code.
The Trust regularly scores “good” across the three areas of food, cleanliness and privacy and dignity in the annual Patient Environment Action team (PEAT) inspection which takes the views of patients, public and staff into account.

In 2013 PEAT is being replaced by a new assessment - PLACE:  Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment. More details to follow soon.

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