Patient Transport

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) is the ambulance service that can transport patients to and from hospital. It is only provided for patients who have very specific needs.

Who is eligible to use NEPT?

To ensure that the service is available to those patients who really need it all patients who apply for transport must be assessed by the Patient Transport Assessment and Booking Team.

The eligibility criteria are based on the following questions:

  • Does the patient need skilled assistance to transfer them to and from a vehicle?
  • Does the patient have a disability or condition that makes it difficult or undesirable to travel by alternative transport?
  • Does the patient have a condition where there is a reasonable possibility of an event needing skilled assistance happening when travelling?
  • Does the patient have a disability that could cause a risk or embarrassment to themselves or others if travelling by alternative transport?

What do you do if a patient requests transport.

When an appointment has been made for your patient to attend the Outpatient Department of Croydon Health Services and they have requested that transport should be arranged for them you should ask them to contact the Patient Transport Team direct. 

We have also provided a leaflet which you can print off and give to your patient. To see the leaflet please click here.

The leaflet explains the next steps to booking the appropriate transport to meet their needs. They will be asked a few simple questions to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria, as described in this leaflet.

If an appointment is scheduled for

  • 2-4 weeks time, they need to contact the transport booking office two weeks before the appointment date

  • greater than 4 weeks’ time, they need to contact the transport booking office four weeks before the appointment date



Patient Transport Contact Details

Telephone number: 0333 240 4086

Open Monday to Friday – 9am till 5pm

Enquires can be made via email to: 


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