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The CRT review all adults in Croydon with a prescription for oxygen (HOOF) regardless of diagnosis (excluding palliative patients).

All adults who have resting oxygen saturations of below 92% in stable state should be assessed for their oxygen requirements (excluding palliative patients).   Assessments and reviews for long term oxygen therapy, short burst oxygen therapy and ambulatory oxygen are carried out

GPs can prescribe oxygen for palliative patient without the need for an oxygen assessment using a HOOF A form available on the Croydon Health Services website.



How to refer

Referral form should be completed, with a brief summary and faxed to 020 8401 3964. GP will be informed of the outcome.

NB Oxygen is prescribed for hypoxaemia, not breathlessness.



Contact information

Respiratory services

Croydon University Hospital

530 London Road




Tel: 020 8401 3963

Fax: 020 8401 3964



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