Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000

Dr Zuhair Noori

Consultant in Neuro-Rehabilitation


Secretary telephone: 020 8401 3973

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Professional profile

Specialist Interests: Consultant and leadership in in-patient neuro-rehabilitation , Croydon university hospital. Consultant and leader ship in community neuro-rehabilitatiom, CNRT. Consultant and leadership in residential and nursing home slow stream and disability management rehabilitation. Education and information to individual, group professional and patients. Talks of social medicine and anecdotes.

Dr Noori has a wide range of interests and specialisms. These include neuro-rehabilitation
of MS, spinal cord injuries and diseases, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, muscles diseases, brain and spine tumours, sub arachnoid
haemorrhages, neuro-disability management of coma, mini-conscious state, lock-in syndromes and low awareness states and the neuro-rehabilitation of bladder and bowel

            Zuhair Noori


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