Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000
Blood test2

What should I bring?

It is important that you bring your blood test request form with you as the phlebotomist will need this before taking a blood sample.

What happens when I arrive?

Croydon University Hospital and Purley War Memorial Hospital offer a walk-in service.   On arrival collect a numbered ticket from the dispenser provided and take a seat in the waiting area.

A member of staff will call your number and lead you to a phlebotomist who will check your blood test request form and take a blood sample.

How long will it take?

The phlebotomy department can appear to be very busy at times although this is largely due to patients attending other clinics that are held within the blood test department.

It is our aim to see patients within half an hour of arrival.  If you are unsure about waiting times please ask a member of staff.

What happens after my blood test?

The blood sample is then sent to a laboratory where the necessary tests are carried out.

The test results will be sent your GP within a week or your hospital consultant who will be able to access your results, usually within 24hrs.  

What is a fasting blood test?

Some blood tests require that you avoid eating or drinking anything, apart from water (fasting) or stop taking certain medication.  Your GP or clinician will advise you before your blood test.

Patients can book early morning appointments for fasting blood tests between 7am to 8am, if available.  To book please call 0208 401 3420.

What if I am an anti-coagulation (Warfarin) or haematology patient?

Anti-coagulation (Warfarin) and haematology clinics are also held within the department for patients with Orange Book appointments.

There is a dedicated hotline for patients and carers who wish to contact the anti-coagulation clinic based at Croydon University Hospital for appointments, results and general advice. The direct telephone number for patients and carers is 020 8401 3000 ext. 5673.

Where is children’s’ (paediatric) blood testing?

If this is your child’s first blood test or your child is under 12 years an appointment should be made at our specialist phlebotomy service for children in the Willows Unit at Croydon University Hospital.

Children over 12 years may have a sample taken at a walk-in phlebotomy department; however, this is at the discretion of a phlebotomist and will depend on a child’s suitability.

On arrival at the phlebotomy department children over 12 years should be made known to a member of the phlebotomy team.

Children's blood test appointments can be booked by contacting the Willows Unit on 020 8401 3177.



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