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Acute Pain Team

If you are coming into hospital one of the things you may be worried about is pain. You can expect some pain after an operation or some procedures and illnesses but the pain team aim to get this to an acceptable level.

We want your treatment to be as comfortable and pain free as possible because:

  • you will be happier
  • you will be up and about quicker
  • respiratory complications (problems with your lungs and breathing) will be fewer
  • you will return to normal activity sooner

What we use to treat your pain depends on many things including the operation or illness you have, your previous experiences and how you respond to treatment.

The Acute Pain Team at Croydon University Hospital is there to help you control any pain you may have while you are in hospital. If there is any problem with your pain control your nurse will contact the Acute Pain Team.

If you are coming in for a planned operation, you can discuss pain control with the nurses in the preoperative clinic and on the ward. After your operation your nurse on the ward will ask you about pain and give you the treatment you need to make you comfortable.

Although we fit the treatment to your individual needs there are a range of methods that we can use. Pain relief is often a combination of different things including:

  • taking regular painkillers by mouth
  • using patient controlled analgesia (PCA)
  • epidural
  • injections for pain


Meet the team

Dr Kim Hughes

Consultant Anaesthetist                 

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Sue Hobbs

Acute Pain Nurse Specialist

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