Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy helps people live more productive lives. It enables people with disabilities to carry out essential activities, with the aim of maintaining or improving independence.  

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Service overview

Occupational therapists can help with or provide information about:

  • raising the height of the bed/chair so that standing up is much easier for a person with stiff, painful hips and knees
  • making a home safer for getting around by, for example, the installation of hand rails and ramps
  • reducing anxiety and helping people raise their confidence about getting around or managing their disability
  • obtaining appropriate support and helping people to connect to other relevant agencies
  • Assisting carers to continue to maintain their caring responsibilities.

Advice and information is available for people able and wanting to fund their own equipment or adaptations. Financially-assessed grants may be available for major adaptations work


Referral criteria

Individuals who have difficulty in performing activities of daily living independently, due to physical / mental illness.

Adults over 18 years old

How to refer

Contact Social Services for Adults

Tel 020 8726 6500

Email referral.team2@croydon.gov.uk


Contact information

Tel  020 8726 3000 ext 62829 or 62876 

Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm


Consultants, Matrons and Senior Allied Health Professionals

Jennifer Daniel - Occupational Clinical Lead - Professional Lead OT


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