Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000


The Neurophysiology service provides electro-diagnostic testing for a wide range of neurological conditions including epilepsy, peripheral nerve entrapment and nerve or muscle disease.

You can find more information about the service, consultants and how to refer below.

Service Overview 

The department provides consultant lead Electromyography (EMG) clinics, clinical physiologist led Nerve conduction clinic  (NCS) clinics for carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve entrapment, as well as routine Electroencephalograph (EEG), sleep deprived EEG and sleep induced EEG.

The Neurophysiology department forms part of Croydon University Hospital’s Hyper Acute Neurology Team (HANT) which provides rapid assessment and diagnostic testing for patients admitted by GP’s to the acute admissions wards for neurological conditions.

We treat:

Adults and paediatric patients from all across the region.

The following tests are available: 

  • EMG- Electromyography is the study of the electrical activity from skeletal muscle using a very fine concentric needle electrode.
  • NCS- Nerve Conduction Study is the electrical study of the function of peripheral nerves and surface recording of the electrical potentials from the muscles.  The test is conducted using a small electrical stimulator and a surface recording electrode.
  • EEG- Electroencephalography is a painless test that looks at the on-going electrical potentials produced by the brain.  23 Electrodes are attached to the scalp with soft paste which is easily removed procedure.  The patient is asked to relax and open or close their eyes for different lengths of time.  Hyperventilation is performed in most patient s along with Photic stimulation.  The test duration can be variable, routine testing is typically a 20min recording with sleep recordings lasting 45min-1hrs.


Referral criteria

Neurophysiology referrals must contain relevant patient details including medication, provisional diagnosis and a relevant patient history.

How to refer

All GP referrals for Neurophysiology services are by post or by fax only. 

Contact information

Neurophysiology services are available Monday-Friday. 

Neurophysiology Department

Croydon University Hospital

Ist floor London Wing

530 London Road



Tel: 020 8401 3089

Fax: 020 8401 3685


Dr Hamid Modarres Consultant Neurophysiologist

Andrew Tomkins Neurophysiology Service Manager 


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