Listening into Action

LiA 2017 logoListening into Action (LiA) is the way we work. We are listening to how our patients, stakeholders and staff think we should improve care and we are putting these suggestions into practice.

The Trust became a national LiA pioneer in September 2012 and since then there have been measurable improvements in our services and staff engagement.

Our achievements

Improving care for older people

We have redesigned two of our elderly care wards to make them dementia-friendly zones. We introduced recognisable artwork to help patients find their way around the wards, provided separate male and female bathrooms in bed bays, and created a quiet room where our patients can rest.

Being open about our quality 

We have introduced ‘Knowing How We’re Doing’ noticeboards to clearly display our levels of hygiene, safety and staffing to patients and visitors on every hospital ward.

Reducing pressure sores

We have reduced painful bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, for our patients by training all carers. Our nurses suggested engaging with local care homes to closely monitor patients across our hospital and the community. As a result we have halved the amount of patients treated for a new or existing pressure ulcer, and we are working hard to reduce this even further.

Going home earlier in the day

We have introduced ‘Home for Lunch’. This helps patients who are well enough to be discharged to go home much earlier in the day after a hospital stay. Medication for our patients to take home is now prepared a day in advance and we plan ahead to reduce delays in patients having blood tests or scans.

As a result, on one ward 83% of patients were home for lunch compared to 20% in the previous year.

Transforming main outpatients

Following a £11.5m refurbishment of Purley War Memorial Hospital, we have transformed our main outpatients department and fracture clinic at Croydon University Hospital to provide a more comfortable and modern environment. We are also ensuring that doctors and nurses have more time to spend with patients by having their records ready in the consulting room when patients arrive, this also means they are more secure.

We have also introduced a text messaging service to remind patients of their appointments and a uniform to make reception staff easily recognisable.

Visible leadership

To ensure the Trust’s leaders are visible to all patients, visitors and staff we have given matrons and senior nurses a new, bright red uniform to make them identifiable and displayed posters of our Trust Board members across the hospital and community sites.

Members of our senior team now go ‘back to the floor’ to find out about other roles within the Trust.