Learning disability

We are an integrated health and social care team providing specialist health support to people (over 18 years old) with learning disabilities. 

Find out more information about the service including how to refer and Contact information below.

Service overview

We help people with learning disabilities to live independently and helps them to move into supported living.

We provide specialist health support for people with learning disabilities

We can help support carers and family members.

We can advise and support people to keep safe.

We work with social services.


We provide: 

Nursing - Help you to understand about your health and keeping healthy. We can make a Health Action Plan to help you stay healthy.

Acute Liaison Nurse - Help you to get ready to go into hospital, make sure that you get the right support when you are in hospital and when you leave hospital.

Psychology - Help if you are feeling worried, angry or upset (but we will not give you medicine). We help if you have a mental health problem and help to work out which bits of thinking you are good and not so good at.

Physiotherapy - Help to get you the right things to help you move, keep you comfort-able with postural management and help you to have a healthier lifestyle and have keep fit sessions.

Speech and Language Therapy - Help if you find it difficult to understand things, to let people know how you feel and what you want. And we also help if you have problems eating or drinking. 

Dietetics - Give you advice on healthy eating, help you if you cannot eat or drink and help you to keep a check on your weight.


Referral criteria

You can use our service if you:

  • Have a learning disability
  • Over 18 years old
  • Have a GP in Croydon

How to refer

You can fill out the health referral form  and send it to:

Croydon Community Learning Disability Team

Floor 2, Zone B

Bernard Weatherill House,

8 Mint Walk,

Croydon, CR0  1EA

Tel: 020 8726 6500 ext: 61086

Admin email: latha.sajjan@nhs.net



Contact information

Joint Community Learning Disability Team

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk



Tel: 0208 726 6500

Fax: 0208 239 4288

Jane Waters

Operational Clinical Lead

0208 726 6500, Ext.86766


Dr Julian Morris

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

0208 726 6500. Ext. 84252


Sam Hadlow

Clinical Lead Speech & Language Therapist

0208 726 6500, Ext. 84386


Susan Thomas-George

Senior Physiotherapist

0208 726 6500, Ext. 84338


Parul Shah


0208 726 6500, Ext. 86769 




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