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Staff Awards 2013

Staff recognition scheme and annual awards

On 21 March 2013, staff from across the Trust celebrated their achievements in style, at the annual staff awards evening. There were some fantastic examples of staff achievement and attendees heard some truly moving comments made by patients and colleagues about how members of staff from across the Trust had gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding service.

The awards were presented by a very famous Croydon resident - JB from MOBO- and Brit-award winning band JLS! 

The awards up for competition and the winners were:

SA Apprentice of the Year 2013

Apprentice of the Year – won by Kimoi Tate

SA Leadership Award winner 201

Excellence in Leadership Award – won by Karina Malhotra, General Manager, Patient Transactions

SA Lifetime achievemen winner 2013

Lifetime Achievement Award – won by Dr Susanna Hart, Paediatrics Consultant

SA Team of the year 2013

Team of the Year – won by the ACE (Acute Care of the Elderly) project group

SA The Barnabus Award winner 2013

The Barnabas Patient/Customer Care Award – won by Mark Chapman, Catering Assistant

The other big part of the Awards was the recognition of dedication and loyalty of members of staff who have been with the Trust for many years. This year we presented a number of long service awards to staff from across the organisation, from paediatrics to surgery to estates. Pictures of some of the award winners below:

SA 40 years of service 2013

For 40 years of service - Peter Bird

SA 30 years of Service Ophelia 2013

For 30 years of service - Ophelia de Lima

Here is the full list of long service award winners.

For 40 years service:

  • Anna Nallia

  • Peter Bird

For 30 years service:

  • Dawn Boyd

  • Bridgid Conroy

  • Nelly Coombes

  • Ophelia de Lima

  • Antonia Stevenson

  • Julia McNicholas

  • Gail Frampton

  • Angela Gentles

  • Ann Gocher

  • Paul Wright

  • June McCarron

  • Trudy Williams

  • Sylvia Wiseman

  • Linda Branson

  • Mary Collison

  • Mary Fosbrook

  • Tessa Fraser

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