Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000


HIV (Heath Clinic) is an outpatient service for people living with HIV (Newly diagnosed and on-going care).

You can find information on how to refer below and our list of consultants

Service overview

Comprehensive care for HIV management including:

  • Multi-disciplinary team approach with seamless care for those diagnosed from in-patient stay to the clinic.
  • Consultant led medical care with access to in=patient facilities and investigations when appropriate.
  • Support and counselling for those newly diagnosed to aid adjustment and facilitate partner notification.
  • Specialist pharmacy to supply anti-retrovirals and verify any potential drug-drug interactions
  • Clinical nurse specialists to support in adherence to medications and holistic care – links to partner agencies for on-going social, psychological and peer support,
  • Joint management with obstetric and paediatric team to support management of pregnant HIV positive women

This combined repertoire of services had led to excellent outcomes as compared with benchmarked standards including high rate of: retention in care, virus suppression and restored immune system leading to return to good health.

We treat

Acute and chronic (long term care) of people living with HIV and support for testing of their immediate contacts.

Referral criteria

  • Adults diagnosed HIV positive
  • Partners of those diagnosed HIV positive can be seen by the associated GUM department for testing

How to refer

Letter to HIV Consultant, Health Clinic, Croydon University Hospital

Contact information

Letter to HIV Consultant, Heath Clinic, Croydon University Hospital

Tel - 0208 401 3648, 0208 401 3006

Emergencies - 9am – 5pm

Call switchboard and ask for HIV - GUM Registrar on call

Out of hours: call switchboard and ask for HIV - GUM Dr on call

Consultants and team

Dr Ian Cormack          Lead Consultant, clinic &ward consultant

Dr Alison Barbour       Consultant, clinic & ward consultant

Dr David Philips          Consultant

Dr Mette Rodgers       Consultant

Mr K Saungweme       Clinical Nurse Specialist

Mr C De Souza           Clinical Nurse Specialist

Ms D Johnson             Specialist Pharmacist

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