Your in-hospital stroke care at our Heathfield 1 Stroke Unit


Welcome to Heathfield 1 Stroke Unit where we aim to provide the highest standard of care. We work closely as a team and aim to involve you and your family in your care as much as possible.

Heathfield 1 is a 26 bedded ward that provides specialist care and rehabilitation after a stroke. Your stay will vary between one day and four weeks depending on your needs.

The team at our Heathfield 1 Stroke Unit.

What to bring with you

  • Basic toiletry items.
  • Slippers and well-fitting shoes for rehabilitation sessions.
  • Nightwear and comfortable day clothes.
  • Books, magazines, and if you have them smartphone or tablet computer. Please wear headphones to avoid disturbing other patients.
  • Radios and TVs may also be brought but please speak to a member of staff beforehand.
  • Ear plugs are also recommended as the ward can be noisy at night.
  • Flowers: only allowed in spongy foam oasis or small potted plant. 

Free wifi

Go to settings on your smartphone or tablet and turn wifi on to scan for CHS-Guest. Then follow instructions.

Ward team

Treatment within the stroke unit involves the following specialist professionals working together: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, a clinical psychologist and a dietician. 

Our Consultants

Dr Karen Kee       Dr Enas Lawrence

The medical team will conduct a ward round five days a week. Our team of doctors, nurses and therapists meet daily to discuss urgent issues, and once a week to discuss your care and rehabilitation plan in detail.

 Your key worker

  • Acts as a link between you, your family and the ward team.
  • Will provide information about your stroke and progress on the ward.
  • Will discuss any concerns you or your family may have and arrange family meetings as necessary
  • Ensure a smooth discharge from hospital.
  • Your key worker will write any important information regarding your care in the Stroke Guide located at the foot of your bed.

Facilities and Activities

We have a day room which you are welcome to use and share with your visitors. Please note this room is also used for meetings and therapy sessions. Please see timetable on day room door for list of activities during the week and weekend.

The garden area is accessed through the day room. Patients and visitors are welcome to enjoy it during visiting hours.


We have set ward visiting times. This allows for doctors’ ward rounds, nurses to provide care and patients to rest.

2 - 5pm / 6 - 8pm

Please note that we request that there are only two visitors at a time. 

Car parking

Parking is provided on site for patients and family. You can pay by card or cash at the pay and display machines. A weekly permit can be purchased at a discounted rate. Please speak to our ward receptionist who will provide you with a parking permit request form.

Infection control

In order to assist us in infection control, we ask visitors to:

  • Use the alcohol gel at the entrance to the ward on entering and leaving.
  • Not visit the ward if you have had diarrhoea and vomiting within 48 hours.


If you are the main carer and wish to continue to be involved in the care of your relative, please contact the Ward Sister.


The trust operates protected mealtimes this means we do not allow visitors during mealtimes, to allow patients to focus on eating.   If you wish to have family support during your meals, please discuss with your nurse or key worker.

Lunch 12 – 1 pm / Dinner  5 - 6 pm.

We also hold a lunch club, where patients are supported to have their meals in our hospital restaurant. Please speak to your key worker if you would like to attend.

For health and safety reasons we are unable to heat up any food brought in by patients or relatives.


Due to patient confidentiality, we require the express agreement of the patient before sharing information with anyone. Please nominate one person (usually next of kin) as the main point of contact with our team.

Stroke Association leaflets are available on the ward. Website: Helpline: 0303 3033 100.

Spiritual & psychological support

Our on-site chapel welcomes all faith communities and holds services every Sunday at 10am. We also have multi-faith chaplains who are happy to talk in confidence to patients.

Our ward Clinical Psychologist provides psychological support to patients with stroke and their families.

Please ask your key worker or nurse for further information.

On discharge

  • A discharge letter with lists of medication will be given to you.
  • A copy of the discharge letter will be sent to your General Practitioner
  • Please make arrangements for transport on discharge as it will prevent any delay in getting home once discharged.  Please speak to staff if this is an issue.
  • Any outpatient appointment will be sent through the post.
  • You will be asked to complete the Friends and Family Test feedback card. Providing your feedback is vital to helping us improve the NHS services and support patient choice.


We want your visit to be as comfortable as possible.

  • Please speak to the nurse in charge or your keyworker if you have any concerns.
  • If there are further concerns, please contact Matron Sandra Mason on 020 8401 3000 or the Matron on call.
  • Alternatively, you can contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 020 8401 3201.

Please be assured that raising a concern will not impact on your care.