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About membership

Become a member of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust today.

Local people, patients and carers use our services every day and as a result, have some of the best ideas about how they can be improved.  We want to use these ideas to make services better for everyone.

You can become a member today, by completing our online membership form:

As a member you can become more involved by:

  • Attending members events to learn more about our services
  • Coming to members meetings to share your ideas and feedback
  • Joining groups looking at how services can be improved
  • Receiving our newsletters and sharing news about the work of the Trust

Having a membership of local people is also one of the ways in which the Trust is preparing to become a Foundation Trust.   When this happens, members can also stand for election to be a Governor of the organisation, and vote in elections. 

Show your support, or give your time – it’s up to you.

Sometimes people ask what it means to be a member of the Trust and what should they be doing. Just by signing up as a member you are showing your support for the services we provide.  As a member you can choose how much you want to be involved and many of our members are happy just to receive our newsletter.  Others give some of their time by volunteering, joining Trust groups and attending meetings. 

There are thee membership categories. You don’t need to choose which category to join – this will happen automatically depending upon where you live.

Public members

Anyone interested in our services, living in the catchment area for our trust can become a public member. All local people use or may use the Trust’s services at some point in time  – and that is why their membership is so important.   

Patient members

People living outside of the Trust’s catchment area, but who have used our services in the past 5 years can still become a member.  Your experience of our services is very valuable in helping us to get them right.

Our third membership category is staff

All staff of the Trust become members automatically, unless they decide not to.  We think it’s important for staff to members because many of our staff and their families are patients of the trust.  We also think that being a member gives staff greater pride and a bigger stake in how the Trust is run.

You can only be in one membership category - because when elections are held, you will be able to vote for a Governor, or stand for election as Governor, in your chosen category.

Join today by completing the online application form.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about membership then please get in touch:

Call us on: 020 8401 3000 and ask for the membership office

Email us on:

Write to us at: FREEPOST CHS FT  (no other address required)

or speak to a member of Trust staff.

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