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In 2003 the Government decided that it would encourage NHS Trusts to develop greater flexibility and stronger relationships with local people. It did this by creating entirely new organisations called Foundation Trusts. 

Croydon Health Services  is progressing towards becoming a Foundation Trust.  As a Foundation Trust we will continue to:

  • Provide a range of services free at ‘point of delivery’ based on clinical need
  • Be held to national standards and national inspection
  • Have staff employed on national terms and conditions
  • Train and develop staff to deliver the best service.


Foundation Trust status will also enable us to have:

  • More local involvement for public and staff
  • Enhanced opportunities to work with other organisations
  • A greater ability to develop
  • A better balance between local and government control

One of the main differences with Foundation Trusts is that local people and staff have the opportunity to become Members of the organisation giving them greater influence over how the Trust develops.

Members, in turn, elect people to represent them called Governors.  Working closely with the Trust’s Chairman and Secretary, Governors have responsibility for ensuring that Members are kept informed of what is happening within the Trust and that the Trust is made aware of Members’ views in the development and monitoring of services. On behalf of the Members, the Governors also hold the Board of Directors to account.


The Governors will meet together in a body called the Council of Governors.  The Council will be led by the Chairman of the Trust who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Governors will not be responsible for the day to day running of the Hospital; this remains the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Governors will be the link between our Members and their needs and views on the delivery of services, and the Directors who make the decisions about services.  Governors will need to pass information from the Board of Directors to the Members about affordability, service plans and health improvement initiatives.

Governors are not paid but they can claim expenses, such as travel, incurred while carrying out their duties.

As active volunteers Governors will:

  • Bring their own unique skills and knowledge to help inform debate when services are being planned or changes are being made
  • Represent the views of patients, carers, the public, stakeholders and staff to our Board of Directors
  • Act as guardians for the organisation, its visions, values and local focus
  • Act as an ambassador for the Trust and services

In addition Governors have certain statutory responsibilities including:

  • Appointing and removing our Chair and Non-Executive Directors
  • Determining the pay and terms of office of our Chair and Non-Executive Directors
  • Approving the appointment of our Chief Executive
  • Receiving our annual report and accounts
  • Appointing and removing our Auditor
  • Ensuring we operate in accordance with our legal framework.

There are lots of other areas that Governors will have the opportunity to get involved in and these will develop alongside the Council.  By defining the role early in the process we are looking forward to a long and meaningful relationship with our Council of Governors.


There will be 23 Governors on the Council appointed from three areas:

The Public Constituency

The Public Members will be able to elect 13 Public Council Governors, 4 from each of the Borough Constituencies;

  • Croydon North and borders
  • Croydon Central and borders
  • Croydon South and borders

and 1 from the Out of Area Patients Constituency.

The Staff Constituency

Staff will elect a total of 6 Staff Council Governors in the following 4 categories:

  • 1 Governor representing Medical and Dental staff (doctors and dentists)
  • 2 Governors representing Nursing and Midwifery staff
  • 1 Governor representing the Clinical staff not in the two groups above
  • 2 Governors representing Non-clinical and Support staff

Partner Organisations

There will also be 4 Partner Organisation Governors, representing:

  • Commissioner (statutory)
  • Croydon Council (statutory)
  • Croydon Voluntary Agency
  • St George’sUniversityof London

Becoming an elected Governor

You do not need a business background to be a Governor, just the enthusiasm and commitment to represent our Members.  Members who wish to become Governors put themselves forward for election by the Members of their constituency.  The election process will be undertaken by an electoral services provider to ensure openness and transparency.  In order to stand for election the following applies:

  • Governors must be Members
  • Governors must be at least 16 years old
  • Public Governors must live in the area they represent
  • Staff Governors must have a job role in the category they represent

There are certain statutory requirements that prevent an individual from becoming a Council Governor, such as criminal convictions within the preceding five years, bankruptcy, dismissal from an NHS job within the preceding two years or disqualification from a health related professional body.  All Governors will be subject to a Criminal Record Bureau check

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