Integrated Falls Service

The Falls Service supports older people (65 years and older) and provides individual management plans to reduce the risks of falls and fractures and provides coping strategies following a fall.

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Service overview

The service works with a multi-disciplinary team including elderly care physicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists depending on patients’ individual needs.


We treat

The service offers three components to support older people of Croydon:

Falls clinics:

Consultant-led clinics at Croydon University Hospital and Purley Memorial Hospital aiming to identify the patient’s falls history and risk factors for falls and fractures.

The focus of the Falls clinic is to provide a multi factorial falls risk assessment which covers:


Falls history

Assessment of associated presentations with falls including dizziness/vertigo and syncope/ funny turns

Assessment of gait, balance, mobility and muscle weakness

Cardiovascular, neurological/cognition examination and medication review

Bone health.

The Falls therapy team works closely with the falls clinic consultants and provides home assessment and community-based exercise program.

Options of outpatient physiotherapy in conjunction with the Falls Clinic at CUH.



Home-based assessment

Patients can expect physiotherapy and occupational therapy in their own homes. By assessing and treating a patient in their home environment it will reduce the risk of falls.

There are a number of aims and benefits:


Incorporating falls risk assessment and prevention advice

Equipment assessment and provision

Low intensity rehabilitation following a fall

Home exercise programme to reduce future risk of falling 


Bone health clinic

This is a specialist nurse-led clinic as part of the Fracture Clinic at Croydon University Hospital. Screening for osteoporosis is offered for patients who have sustained a fragility fracture.


Referral criteria

According to NICE guidelines for falls, ‘Older people who present for medical attention because of a fall, or report recurrent falls in the past year, or demonstrate abnormalities of gait and/or balance should be offered a multifactorial falls risk assessment. This assessment should be performed by healthcare professionals with appropriate skills and experience, normally in the setting of a specialist falls service. This assessment should be part of an individualised, multifactorial intervention.’

The falls service referral criteria comply with the NICE guidelines.

Patient MUST be 65 years and above with more than two falls within the last 12 months


One episode of fall that has led to a hospital admission/ injuries


New or worsening gait/balance deficits


Unexplained falls with apparent complex medical cause or loss of consciousness

For urgent referral please consider referral to Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Service


How to refer

Community Integrated Falls Service

Telephone Number: 020 8274 6258
Or e-mail:

Falls Clinic (Medical Assessment)

ereferral (Falls Clinic (Medical Assessment) at both CUH- Howell Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit (HARU) and Purley Hospital sites)

For general enquiries:

Email -  
Or Telephone: 0208 274 6258 or 020 8401 3973


Consultants, Matrons and Senior Allied Health Professionals

Dr Wallace Tan                       Geriatrician and Falls Lead

Dr Joanne Bramble                Geriatrician

Dr Nima Hashemi                   Geriatrician

Dr Liz Heitz                             Community Geriatrics and Intermediate Care

Dr Chris Bell                            Community Geriatrics and Intermediate Care

Dr Susan Morgan                   Associate Specialist Elderly Care (ACE and HARU)

Paul Ashton                             Senior Physiotherapist ACE and HARU

Prabu Athisayanathan            Senior Falls Physiotherapist

Elizabeth Pope                        Senior Falls Occupational Therapist

Elaine Li                                  Falls and Bone Health Specialist Nurse


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