District Nursing


District nurses care for patients in their own homes.  There are a number of district nursing centres across Croydon but the Transforming Adult Community Service means that referrals for adult community services can go through a single point of referral



Referral criteria

How to refer

Contact information and local centres




Referral criteria


  • 18 years or over
  • Patient must be registered with a Croydon GP (permanent / temporary)

And the patient must meet either one or both of the following criteria:

  • Patient’s care needs must be health related and require short term nursing intervention e.g. post operative care/wound management
  • Patient is housebound and has nursing needs 


  •  Under 18 years
  • Where nursing care can not be given safely within the patients’ home environment or where the safety of the nurse or patient is compromised


How to refer

Referrals should be made through TACS (Transforming Adult Community Services).


Contact information

Tel: General enquiries 020 8714 2543


Local centres:

Norbury Health Centre

2B Pollards Hill North


SW16 4NL

Tel: 020 8714 2900

Fax: 020 8714 2901


Woodside Health Centre (Clusters 2 and 3)

3 Enmore Road

South Norwood

SE25 5NT

Tel: 020 8274 6900

Fax: 020 8662 0170

Waddon Clinic

1A Coldharbour Road




Tel: 020 8714 2830

Fax: 020 8686 3330


Purley War Memorial Hospital

The Garden Annexe,

Purley War Memorial Hospital,

856 Brighton Road,



CR8 2YL.


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