New ED Summer 2018
Look inside the construction of our upcoming Emergency Department
17 January 2018

We invited the Croydon Advertiser newspaper to look around our upcoming Emergency Department, which is being built at Croydon University Hospital and will open to the public this Summer.

They wrote a detailed article that explores various aspects of the build – with photographs that show what’s happening inside and how the new department will help patients. You can read it by clicking HERE.

We also have some interesting facts that didn’t make it into their article. For example the new department will use 36km of data cables - enough to circle Wembley stadium 36 times!

Part of this £21.25m development – our new Resuscitation unit – is already open to patients and is providing them with an enhanced level of care. It also gives more privacy, better access for loved-ones and an overall improved patient experience.

Our current Emergency Department (also known as A&E) is in a very busy period this Winter but we are coping, thanks in large part to our very dedicated, hard-working staff. Rigorous planning is helping our patients to get well and back home at the right time. This includes coordinating with social care organisations, GPs and the voluntary sector to ensure our patients continue to receive support at home when needed.

During December 16,854 people attended our Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centre and GP hubs. We were able to deal with 89.4% within four hours, which is below the national target but is above the national average for England and places us 4th among acute trusts within London and 20th within England (out of 133). In the first week of January, 708 people were brought to us by ambulance.


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