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020 8401 3000

Community heart failure service


The integrated heart failure nurse specialist service provides supportive care for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure who are registered with a GP in Croydon. 

The service reviews heart failure patients on the wards in Croydon University Hospital assist with their discharge and ensure their follow up in the community. 

An important part of our role is to support patients with self-management and to reduce avoidable admissions to hospital. They are also present in the heart failure clinic and provide education and advice for patients confirmed with heart failure as part of the one-stop outpatient appointment.



Referral criteria

How to refer

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Patients are assessed on a case-by-case basis and discussed with a multidisciplinary team to ensure a holistic approach is taken to support patients, including considering their psychological and social needs.

Patients are regularly reviewed and receive advanced physical assessments to optimise their heart failure medication in keeping with local and national heart failure guidelines. 

The team work collaboratively with GPs, district nurses and St Christopher’s Hospice to support heart failure patients nearing end of life.

Home visits are offered to heart failure patients who are housebound and unable to attend one of the community clinics held at one of the following sites:



Referral criteria

The service accepts heart failure patients falling within the three to four group of the New York Heart Association (NYHA) Funtional Classification system.  

It excludes patients under the age of 18.


How to refer

Referrals need to contain patient demographic details, diagnosis and date of event, PMH and current medication. diagnostic tests are also useful.

Fax completed referral form to cardiac rehabilitation, 020 8401 6174 .

Patients will be contacted by phone within four days of the referral being received.


Contact information

Integrated Heart Failure Service

12-18 Lennard Road




Tel: 020 8274 6416 or 6152       

Fax: 020 8274 6174

Bleep: Heart failure nurse specialist 020 8401 3000, bleep 772


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