The service assess and treats smear abnormalities, abnormal cervix and cervical symptoms.  

You can find more information about the service below including how to refer.

Service overview

The colposcopy service runs from the dedicated Women’s Unit at CUH. We have 3 consultants, 2 nurse specialists and a trust doctor who offer regular clinics and are all colposcopy accredited. We manage and treat the following conditions:

  • Screening detected smear abnormalities
  • Urgent suspected cancer of the cervix
  • Post-coital bleeding in >35 years of age
  • Abnormal appearing cervix, vagina or vulva

Treatment options include loop diathermy, cold coagulation and diathermy ablation under local or general anaesthetic.

We treat

The service investigates women with abnormal results following a smear test and those who have signs and symptoms of pre-cancerous abnormalities in the lower genital tract. They provide treatments under a local anaesthetic to remove or destroy the abnormal area.

The service also performs smear tests, particularly on women who have had cervical abnormalities or pre-cancerous changes, and women from whom there are difficulties obtaining a smear. This may include biopsies (small tissue samples) from the lower genital tract under local anaesthetic.

Referral criteria

Abnormal cervical smear, post-coital bleeding >35 years age, abnormal appearing cervix, suspected cervical cancer

How to refer

Screen detected smears are directly referred by South West London Pathology service.

If there is a suspicion of malignancy, referral should be made through the Urgent Suspected Cancer referral pathway.

For cervical abnormalities not suspicious of malignancy, these can be booked through Choose and Book.

Tel - 020 8401 3983       


Contact information

The Women’s Unit 

Croydon University Hospital 

530 London Road



Tel: 020 8401 3898 

Consultants and Team

  • Miss Maha Alkatib – Consultant and Lead Colposcopist
  • Mr Ahmed Kamel – Consultant with special interest in Vulval disorders
  • Mr Vivek Nama – Consultant and Lead for Gynaecology Oncology
  • Áine Dobson – Colposcopy Nurse Specialist and Hospital Based Programme Coordinator
  • Po Ling Wong – Colposcopy Nurse Specialist
  • Dr Samar Shoeir – Trust Registrar
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