CHS Croydon Stars 2020 - it's time to nominate

Croydon Stars 2020CHS Croydon Stars is back and nominations for our annual staff awards are now open.

The awards are our opportunity to celebrate the best of CHS, and recognise the people that make our Trust what it is - our wonderful staff. Each year, the awards provide a chance to recognise the hard work, dedication and fabulous care given by our staff members and teams who are committed to keeping Croydon well, and this year we will be showcasing even more of our colleagues than ever before.

It's time to tell us who you think lives the CHS values and goes above and beyond when caring for people in our community, clinics, schools and hospitals. 

You can nominate your Croydon Star below.

Nominations will close on Friday 27 March. Our deserving winners will be announced at a ceremony in May.

The awards

There are a variety of awards that both CHS staff and members of our community can nominate for:.

CQI Award for Innovation and Improvement

Croydon Quality Improvement sees staff working together to bring about positive improvements to the Trust. The award rewards an individual or team that recognises the vital importance of innovation and quality improvement to the experience of CHS patients or staff. Their ideas will have led to a new or better way of working between colleagues within the Trust or across the wider Croydon health system.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Respect and Inclusion for Everyone

Highlights an individual or team who has demonstrated that they see each person as unique and valuable and value the contributions of each member of Team Croydon. They promote equality for all, and inclusive excellence, through wide-ranging activities and have gone to outstanding efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Volunteer of the Year

For a volunteer who plays a huge role at CHS, giving up their time to help staff care for our patients and has made an exceptional contribution to the experience of people staying at and visiting our Trust.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Caring for Croydon Together

Highlights a team/teams who have developed, enhanced or strengthened their current services or developed new services through partnership working; whether through cross-departmental collaboration or through partnerships with other health, care, voluntary sector organisations, or in partnership with our patients.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Keeping People Well

Recognises teams and individuals who have used their skills, compassion and expertise to make a significant contribution to someone’s personal health journey, working to transform their experience of care and inspiring hope for their future.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Keeping Team Croydon Well

Celebrates an individual or team who recognises that the health of staff is as important as our patients, developing and/or supporting colleagues through a successful initiative to encourage and promote lifestyle, physical or mental wellbeing.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Unsung Hero

Highlights an individual whose work often goes unnoticed yet makes an exceptional contribution, delivers outstanding service, acting as an inspiration to their colleagues goes the extra mile and demonstrates the Trust’s values in all they do. 

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

International Year of the Nurse and Midwife special award

Showcases an individual or team who demonstrates excellence in their nursing or midwifery role, demonstrates a commitment to high standards, highlighting the critical contribution that they make to caring for the people of Croydon.

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Rising Star – sponsored by Ryalto

Celebrates an individual who, early in their career at CHS, has already made a significant impact or improvement at the trust. During this stage in their career, they will have shown early promise and exceptional achievement as well as effectively demonstrating their commitment to the Trust, its vision and values.    

Only members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

Carer of the Year

Recognises an individual who works together with CHS staff to provide exceptional care for a family member or friend in their home.

Both members of the public and members of staff can nominate someone for this award.

CHS Star of the Year

Nominations are invited from members of the public for individual members of staff or teams, who have demonstrated extra kindness and compassion to a patient. They will have made a significant and memorable difference to the life and experience of the patient and their families in either our hospital or community settings.

Only members of the public can nominate someone for this award.

How to nominate

We want entries for all people working in Team Croydon, from our porters and physiotherapists, our nurses, midwives and administrative staff to our catering team, consultants and back office staff. We are also recognising those working collaboratively with our partners and members of our community to provide great care for the people of Croydon.

All nominations must meet the category criteria above and where possible showcase at least one of our Trust values - professional, caring, respectful and safe. See below for some handy tips on making your award entry stand out.

There are three ways to nominate your Croydon Star:

* Via the 'Nominate now' button below (works best on Google Chrome or Safari web browsers).

* By completing a nomination postcard which you can find in our hospitals and in our community sites.

* You can even capture your nomination on video and send it to

Nominate now

Nominations are open now and will close on Friday 27 March. Our deserving winners will be announced at a ceremony in May.

Past winners

See what winning a Croydon Star has meant to our past winners

Apollo Exconde, winner of the Incredible Customer Service award, 2019

Top tips on writing a good nomination

Staff awards nominations are judged on quality, not quantity. This means a person who receives three nominations isn’t judged more favourably than someone who receives one. It’s better to make one really good nomination, than nominate the same person multiple times.

Here are some top tips of how to write a good entry:

  • Read the judging criteria for the category you have chosen (above) and try to cover all areas in your nomination form 
  • Make sure you say what the nominee did (eg, projects, activities) that are above and beyond the person’s day to day role, giving specific examples
  • Explain how they did it and what the effect / results have been
  • Appeal to the judging panel’s hearts – use emotive language to describe the difference the person made, the value of what they did and how it made you feel.
  • The more information the better - send us any supporting evidence you may have (email to
  • Remember if you prefer, you can send in your nomination by video, just make sure you cover the points above and send that to us instead.