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Responses to common FoI requests

The Trust receives more than 200 requests under the Freedom of Information Act each year. Whilst many of these requests are specific and individual, several are on broadly similar topics.

On this page we will post responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Number of attendances at A&E of children aged 17 and under diagnosed with alcohol or drug consumption  


Please note the figures are combined for drugs and alcohol as this is how the data is collected.

Financial Year 0-4 5-9 10-14 15-17 0-4 5-9 10-14 15-17
2006/07 2 1 10 37 5 0 7 22
2007/08 3 0 24 57 5 0 12 33
2008/09 6 0 8 36 5 0 9 26
2009/10 1 2 14 53 2 0 7 42
2010/11 3 0 15 48 5 0 9 34
2011/12       6  11  43   4 34
2012/13  9 36     1 20 

How much does the Trust spend on communications/media handling/marketing?

The Trust has an in-house professional communications team of four whole time equivalent staff who provide advice and support on a wide range of communication issues including:

  • Press office function to help journalists cover stories of public interest
  • Managing the public website and staff intranet
  • Supporting the production of patient information
  • Producing the corporate publications

The non-pay spend for recent years is listed below. This covers all the above activities.

10/11 – £19,706

11/12 - £14,278

12/13 - £23,665

Why has the Trust changed its name and how much did it cost?

The decision to change the Trust’s name was made as part of the process to integrate Croydon Community Health Services with the acute hospital.
Many staff told us they wanted a name for the organisation which reflected its new role and that the words “Croydon” and “health” should be in the new name.
On the other hand many staff and patient representatives said that, whilst they liked the idea of a new name, they were concerned that it would cost money that would be better spent elsewhere.
To balance both these needs the Trust is using a phased approach to keep expenditure to a minimum.
All stationery is held on electronic templates – and items such as information booklets are only being reprinted as stocks run out and they would need to be reprinted anyway.
The Trust was already in the process of changing and improving its signage to make it easier for visitors to navigate around the hospital site and had identified the capital. This project was therefore delayed until the name change was confirmed so as not to incur additional costs.
A summary of the costs is available here.

How many children aged 17 and under treated for an addiction to alcohol or drugs at Croydon University Hospital?

Croydon Health Services does not hold this data. Services for alcohol and drug addiction are provided by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.


Maternity Services

How many babies were delivered at the Trust in recent years?
2007:  4,958

2008:  4,739

2009:  4,469

2010:  4,438

2011: 4422

2012: 4435

2013: 4180

2014: 3952

2015: 3752

The maternity unit did not close at any time in 2015

How many times the Trust closed its maternity unit to admissions in recent years?

2007: 0

2008: 0

2009: 1 (major fire on hospital site)

2010: 0

2011: 0

2012: 0

2013: 0

2014: 0

2015: 0  

How much does Croydon Health Services NHS Trust spend on providing written translation services?


Wherever possible the Trust makes use of pre-translated material by other NHS organisations (e.g. flu advice in a range of different languages, NHS Choices website pages)

The Trust does not routinely provide information in translated form. However we do offer a translation service on request for the six most read languages in the borough. This request form is made available on our website and inserted into corporate documents e.g. annual report and patient information leaflets.

The Trust does not have a contract with any firm for written translation work. When there is a job to be done the brief is sent to a number of accredited translation firms and the best value option is selected.

A summary of expenditure in recent years appears below:

Year 08/09    £    300

Year 09/10    £  2,792.01

Year 10/11   £     123.38


Overseas visitors

Croydon Health Services follows national guidelines on both the charges for the treatment of overseas visitors and the collection of payment for those charges. 

Department of Health rules and medical ethics require the NHS to treat overseas visitors when emergency or urgent care is required. Similarly, we are required to identify and charge those patients not entitled to NHS treatment. By definition, overseas visitors are a highly mobile group, making effective credit control challenging. 

At any point there will be an amount of money outstanding but these payments owing are not “written off” but actively pursued until there is no chance of recovering the debt. This is best practice.

It is worth noting that a significant number of these patients pay their bills without the need for a debt recovery process. 

Please note that overseas visitors are not classified as “private patients” but NHS patients who are chargeable.




Mental health services

Services for people with mental health problems are provided for the Trust by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Requests for information should therefore be sent to:


Private Finance Initiatives (PFI)

There are currently no Private Finance Initiative (PFI) arrangements within the Trust.

Any proposals to enter into such contracts must demonstrate that the use of private finance represents value for money and genuinely transfers risk to the private sector and needs specific approval by the Trust Board.



Zero hour contracts

The Trust does not currently employ any staff, clinical or non-clinical, on zero hour contracts.

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