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Getting better
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In partnership with the Croydon Guardian, we are revealing how our doctors and nurses are making our services better all the time. 

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Getting better all the time

With a wide range of hospital and community services and an increased focus on customer care, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is so much more than just your local hospital

Croydon Health Services (CHS) NHS Trust is a central part of our community providing 24/7 care every day of the year and support to over 400,000 people in the borough.

The Trust’s main hospital site, Croydon University Hospital in Thornton Heath, provides all of the services you would expect from your local hospital – a busy A&E department, extensive care for pregnant women including a birth centre, and services for the young and elderly – and more.

The Trust employs more than 3,500 consultants, doctors, nurses, therapists and support teams with more than a third of its team based in community health services across Croydon to keep people healthy.

The Trust is bringing more services into people’s homes, in schools and clinics across the borough to improve the care available, especially for people living with long-term conditions, without the need to go to hospital. CHS is also bringing more services to the south of the borough at Purley War Memorial Hospital following an £11m refurbishment of this historic facility.

Like the NHS in many parts of the country, the Trust faces increased demand and more complex health challenges but despite this the Trust has transformed its care. In recent assessments the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found the Trust had increased its nurse staffing to national standards and had made great strides to improve ward cleanliness, hospital food and reduce waiting times. But the Trust’s chiefs are quick to say that many more improvements are needed and are underway.

The Croydon Guardian has joined forces with the Trust to reveal the  improvements that are changing patient’s experience of Croydon’s health services for the better, lift the lid on some of the services patients use and find out how doctors and nurses are making services better all the time.  

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