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Croydon Health Services website has been designed to be as accessible as possible.

The pages on this website have been built to AA standard, complying with all priority one and two guidelines of the W3C web content accessibility guidelines.

All work has been thoroughly quality tested using a checklist which incorporates modern best-practice and current international technical guidelines on accessibility (under the Web Accessibility Initiative, of the World Wide Web Consortium).

We have taken every step to ensure our site is accessible

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 You can view this site using the standard text size or you can choose to make the text larger (or smaller) by changing the text size option in your web browser. Just click on the AAA link in the top menu of the website

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You can change the text and background colour by selecting the text only option which is available at the top of all our pages. You can then choose the following options:

  • yellow text on black background
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Information in other languages

We provide comprehensive and professional interpreting services in more than 50 languages - either over the telephone or in person, and including British Sign Language.

If you or a member of your family or friend need this service, please let staff know at the hospital and they will make the arrangements.

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Menu systems

The menu systems of this site are designed to be highly accessible, and utilise clean structural code which provides context-sensitive navigation around the website. Each navigation area has a specific purpose and reflects a level of the website’s hierarchy.

Access keys

The first navigation area on this site contains access keys which you can use to navigate the site. To find these access keys simply hover over the respective links in the first menu system, or check the link titles using assistive technology.

Site map

This site has a fully automated hierarchical sitemap which you can find linked to prominently on all pages. The site map is designed to communicate the hierarchical structure of the website and provide quick access to all pages.


The search facility of this website provides an alternative route to finding information across the whole site. This searches all live content. The search results pages are designed to work well on normal browsers and assistive technology

Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail on this website is designed to assist with orientation and navigation. You should use this to help find your way within the site; and may use it to navigate back to relevant higher-level pages once you are deeper within the site.

Auto Title

All pages are set to have an automatic ‘heading 1’ and page title tag. This allows you to identify quickly the purpose of a given page using a web browser or assistive technology


In commissioning the design of this website, we have made accessibility a clear requirement from the outset. This has been at the forefront of our minds in reviewing all design mock-ups, and we have taken guidance where appropriate on ensuring our design facilitates an accessible website.


This website is built using an accessible Content Management System (Sitekit CMS).

The Content Management System provides the technical framework which underpins all of the information published on this site, and as such, built-in accessibility is important.

We have used the Content Management System in a fashion which does not undermine its intrinsically accessible technical foundation; we have used pre-tested and compliant modules within the system wherever possible; and we have taken time to research the accessibility features of the system and incorporated these carefully within our site in a fashion which we believe makes good use of the technology.


The site has been built using industry-recognised best-practice techniques, and state-of-the-art build methods. We selected a team who we believe had the necessary experience and expertise to help us reach high levels of compliance.

The templates for this website have undergone machine accessibility testing as well as real-life human accessibility testing, and a range of changes were incorporated into the build of the website to assist with compliance.

Prominent contact information

We have provided prominent contact information on this site in order to make ourselves available to answer any questions. We are available to help you find the information you may be looking for.

Please give us your comments/feedback by emailing   


Important information for all patients and visitors

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