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What We Spend and How We Spend

The Trust’s income is mainly for payment for clinical services from commissioners and a small amount is for non-patient care services such as training and education.

Most of our income is spent on staff and salaries are determined by the NHS Agenda for Change programme. The rest of the income is spent on supplies and services in relation to direct patient care, transport, premises and the repayment of dividends to the Department of Health.

A report is produced every month for the Board which details progress towards meeting our financial and clinical standards.

The Trust Annual Reports include a Financial Review, Summary Financial Statements (which provide a summary of the accounts for the relevant financial year, and also reflect the fully audited position) and salary and pension entitlements of senior managers.

Further details of staff and board members’ allowances and expenses may be obtained by emailing


Transparency - Expenditure over 25k

The Prime Minister wrote to Secretaries of State on 31 May 2010, inviting them to support his drive to improve the transparency of how public funds are used.

As a result, there is now a requirement for all Central Government and NHS bodies to publish online details of expenditure over £25,000. Where removing recoverable VAT reduces the value of the transaction to below £25K, the transaction should still be disclosed.

Below is a list of monthly expenses over 25k. This information is also published on the Data.Gov website at







Private Patients

The hospital does not have a dedicated private patient facility, but some privately funded care is delivered. The Trust has a policy which sets out the principles and safeguards for both patients and clinicians.

The current private patient tariff is available on request. The tariff for insurers is set by the insurance company and is not fixed by the Trust.

Occasionally single rooms may be available for an extra charge, although NHS patients with a clinical need for a single room will take priority.

Charges are :

  • £65 per day for a room only in London Wing and Maternity
  • £80 per day for an en-suite room in Jubilee Wing
  • £128 per day deluxe en-suite in the Birth Centre or Room 10 on Mary Ward

Services for which the Trust is entitled to recover a fee include:       

  • Overseas visitors and prescriptions are charged at the national tariff
  • Copies of medical records and X-rays·        
  • Fertility treatment which is not funded by a Primary Care Trust. ·        
  • Lost hearing aids       
  • Occupational health tests


Procurement and Tendering Process

The Trust's purchasing and procurement service places orders from suppliers who offer the best value for money and prompt delivery. Whenever possible we use suppliers approved by the Office of Government Commerce  see for further information.

We also make full use of a number of local collaborative working arrangements and procurement “hubs”, such as the London Procurement Programme, to ensure we are constantly seeking best value.

The NHS, in common with other public sector organisations and government departments, must meet the requirements of EU public procurement directives which ensure open and fair competition. Under these directives, we must advertise all contracts with a value over £101,323 (for supplies and services) or  £3,927,260 (for works) in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ). These adverts enable you to express an interest in the majority of national contracts. 

The Trust also has a policy of ensuring companies which tender for contracts meet agreed Equality and Diversity standards.

The Trust uses standard NHS Terms and Conditions when dealing with all suppliers. These vary depending on the nature of the contract involved.

Details of contracts currently available, including OJEU adverts, are available on request by emailing the Trust at:

Details of contracts awarded and their value can be obtained on request by contacting the Trust’s Freedom of Information Officer

These are also reported in the public Board meetings.


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