Referral Guidelines

Referring your patients to Croydon Health Services

Croydon Health Services provides acute and community healthcare services across the borough from a range of locations, including Croydon University Hospital, Purley War Memorial Hospital, health centres and clinics, and in patients’ own homes.


To view a directory of our consultants working at Croydon Health Services, go to the consultants by specialty page. Here you will find contact details for our consultants and their secretaries.


Access via e-Referrals

Direct referrals

Urgent suspected cancer (USC)

What if I send my referral to the wrong place?

Directory of consultants

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How to refer? Quick links to all of our services referral routes 


Access via e-Referrals

NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has discontinued the Croydon Referral Support Service (CReSS).

GPs can continue to refer their patients to our consultant-led services via e-Referrals (previously known as Choose and Book).

Using e-Referrals allows patients to choose their initial hospital or clinic appointment, and book it on the spot in a GP practice or later on the phone or via the internet.

The majority of secondary care services provided by Croydon Health Services are available on e-Referrals.  For our other services, including our community services provided in Croydon residents’ homes, schools and health clinics throughout the borough. 

A list of all referral routes by speciality can be found on our Quick links page here.


Direct referrals

For referrals that cannot be made via e-Referrals visit 'How to refer' page which provides a list of all referral routes by specialty.. 


Urgent suspected cancer (USC)

All urgent suspected cancer (USC) can be emailed to

Tumour site specific referral forms can be found using the link:

Tel: 0208 401 3986

If a patient shows possible signs and symptoms of any type of cancer it is important that GPs make an urgent referral directly to the Cancer Office.

Patients will be seen within two weeks of the referral being received by the Cancer Office

For more information see cancer services.



GP referral advice line

For advice and support when referring your patient to Croydon Health Services, please call

GP priority line. Our on call medical consultants (adults and paediatrics) will be happy to to discuss an urgent referral.

Please call 020 8401 3450. 


What if I send my referral to the wrong place?


If an urgent referral is sent to the wrong place then we will prioritise responding to you and send the referral to the correct place on your behalf. 


If a non-urgent referral is sent to the wrong place or department we will contact you to let you know. This is so that you are able to follow up an appointment in future and are aware of which system or department is handling them. Croydon Health Services cannot send on the referral on your behalf, so you will need to resend it to the correct place. 


Directory of consultants

To view a directory of consultants working at Croydon Health Services on our website, go to the consultants by specialty page.  Contact details for consultants or their secretaries are provided and we welcome professional liaison from GP colleagues.

The Trust has now also published a printed version of our directory of consultants, which is available to all GPs.   You can download a PDF version of this document.  If you would like to receive your own hard copy, please contact the communications department.

Have you got a query?

GP priority line: To discuss an urgent referral with our on call medical consultants (adults and paediatrics), please call 020 8401 3450. 



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