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Croydon Health Services NHS Trust surges into nation’s Top 10 list for Acute Trust research trials
02 August 2017

Croydon’s public are benefiting from one of the fastest local increases in access to research trials anywhere in England.

This is according to the annual 2016-17 NIHR Research Activity League Table published on 2 August by the authoritative National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

It shows that Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has increased its number of studies that are open for participation by Croydon residents by 26 per cent – from 34 in 2015/16 to 43 in 2016/17. It places tenth in the country among Acute Trusts.

These trials can give hope and better results for patients who have tried every other type of available care – whether on the NHS or elsewhere.

The increase in studies has meant a 124 per cent increase in participating residents. In 2015/16, 390 patients took the opportunity to take part in a clinical trial at the Trust and that jumped to 873 last year.

Dr Nnenna Osuji, Medical Director at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, said:

“Croydon University Hospital, in addition to being a beacon for teaching, is playing its part in changing the landscape of healthcare for the future. Giving patients new hope is a fantastic feeling and we’re working hard on dozens of innovations right now.

“Our Trust’s scientific healthcare community is growing and its successes are being recognised nationally and internationally.”

Examples of the Trust’s current research into new treatments include:

  • Developing a ‘care bundle’ that reduced injuries to mothers during childbirth from 4.6 per cent to 0.4 per cent (the lowest recorded in the UK).
  • Using home visits and consultations to reduce, by 59 per cent, children needing to visit the Emergency Department with asthma or wheezing.

More examples are here.

The Trust currently has 49 clinical trials open, which continue to recruit, and we hope to have 1,000 participants in the coming year.

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