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If your GP refers you for treatment in hospital or in the community you can choose to go anywhere your care is funded by the NHS. This includes NHS hospitals and clinics as well as some private providers.
You have a number of services to choose from locally allowing you a chance to make a decision that suits your personal circumstances.
Your GP has access to information about the organisations which provide services appropriate for you and will help you make your choice.
You can use the electronic Choose and Book systems at the GP surgery or, if you want time to consider your options, your GP will give you a unique password and booking reference number which allows you to make your own appointment later either through the electronic web-based system or by calling the dedicated Appointment Line on the number you are given by your GP.
You can also get information by visiting Just enter your postcode, or one in the area you would like to be treated, and the website will show you hospitals and clinics that are available in that area.
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Choose and book

Choose and book is an electronic referral service which gives people a choice of place, date and time for their first outpatient appointment in a hospital or clinic

When you and your GP agree you need to see a specialist you will be able to choose from a list of hospitals and clinics.

You will be given an appointment reference number, a password and the link to the secure Choose and Book website.


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