Main telephone number:
020 8401 3000

District Nursing

The single point of referral team will accept GP referrals for patients who are not already on the District Nurse Caseload. Referrals for patients that are on the District Nurse Caseload need to be faxed directly to the relevant District Nurse Base.

Bases are allocated based on geographical location.

Service provided


  • Management of a long term conditions
  • Post operative/traumatic/chronic wound management
  • Continuing care assessment
  • End of life care / continuing care assessment
  • Specialist nursing equipment  for patients with nursing needs
  • Diagnostic tests/screening
  • Ear irrigation
  • IV therapy/management
  • Patient education/health promotion, e.g. teaching self administration of Insulin
  • Medicines management, e.g. patient compliance; Injectable medication
  • Nutritional monitoring/management e.g. malnutrition, Gastrostomy
    Continence management e.g. urethral/supra pubic catheter, bowel management


This service is for patients aged 18 years and upwards that meet criteria 1 and either criteria 2 or 3:

1. Patient MUST be registered with a Croydon GP (permanent/temporary)

2. The patient’s care need/s MUST be health related and require short term nursing intervention e.g. Post operative care/wound management

3. The patient is housebound and has nursing needs




  • Under 18
  • Where nursing care can not be given safely within the patients’ home environment or where the safety of the nurse or patient is compromised

Referral Process

Please use the form on the right. These should only be used for ‘new’ referrals.

The following criteria apply to ‘new’ referrals.

  • The patient is not currently receiving community nursing services
  • The patient was previously known to the service but has been discharged
  • All patients known to the service that are discharged from e.g. an acute care setting, hospice or respite placement where the inpatient stay has been 48 hours and over, the patient’s condition has deteriorated or their care/nursing needs have significantly changed
  • All patients where a one off visit is being requested for e.g. venepuncture, specialist equipment e.g. pressure relieving or a specific procedure

If your patient fits these criteria please fax the fully completed referral form to:
Monday-Sunday (Inc Bank Holidays) 8.30-16.30 fax to: 020 8274 6463 

Out of hours 17:00 – 07.00, including bank holidays and weekends, fax to 020 8401 3646

If your patient does not fit the above criteria then a phonecall should be made to the community nursing base.


Service Address

Top Floor
Single point of referral
Morland Road Clinic
6 Morland Road

Telephone: 0208 274 6195

Waiting Times

All new patients contacted within 48 hrs.

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