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WiFi internet access
08 July 2011
The Trust provides WiFi internet access in collaboration with WiFiSPARK on a pay-as-you-go basis. Through your own laptop or smartphone wirelessly, you can:

• browse the internet;
• send and receive emails;
• make and receive 'voice over IP' calls (using applications like Skype);
• stream music and videos.

Prices start at £3 for three hours, a day's access costs £5.75, a week £11.50 and a full month £14.50 - a receipt will be emailed to the user's email address.

Using the system is very easy and fully supported by WiFiSPARK. If you require any assistance, please call their helpdesk on 0844 848 9555.

A new user needs to select the 'buy time' option. After choosing the time required, a memorable username and a password the user is being taken to WiFiSPARK's secure gateway where they can use a credit or debit card to purchase time.

Existing users can simply login with their username and password to access the internet and use email.
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